Night Dive Acapulco (1 Tank)

Once the sun sets on the tranquil coast of Acapulco the vibrant colors of the daylight at the Swiss Divers Terasse will have you romanticizing for a night dive. To get closest to the noctural marina mammals and animal life a night dive is essential in your reportiore of dives here at SDA. Creatures on the sea floor appear in the dark and are revealed in the beam of your torch as stunning amalgamations of rich colorations. The most beautifully poignent scene is the phosphorescent plankton glimming in the underwater carriage of life. See our fish sleeping or hunting in very close proximity and have the incredible experience of your body glowing in the moonlight.

Requirements / Info:

  • Certified Diver
  • Minimum of three participants
  • Only with voucher or reservation
  • Bring with you a towl and clothes for your way back

On the icon below you'll find the sunset time:

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If is it your first Night Dive ??

If you are an Open Water Diver and you don't have experience on a night Dive, 
sign up up with our Instructor and get credit toward for:
  • an Adventure Diver
  • an Advanced Open Water Diver
Adventure Dive

Trip Duration (*all the times are approximate*)

Where Description
SDA Shop Starts 30 minutes before sunset
SDA Shop Paperwork and handing over dive gear including Dive lamp
Sunset / Night Leaving by boat or start from the beach
Diving spot Introduction "Briefing"
Night Dive 30 - 45 minutes
SDA Deck Returning by boat or beach
SDA Shop Logbook


  • 1 Tank Boat or Beach Dive
  • Rental Dive Equipment (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Fins, Mask, Dive Lamp)
  • Dive Guide
  • Water & Soda

** Nitrox can be ordered at least one day before within an extra charge

Bring with you

  • Your certification Card
  • Swimsuit
  • Extra Money
  • Towel and clothes
  • Reservation Coupon