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Alpha 8 Sport
Professional performance for Rental Dive Equipment
If you believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance for price, the Alpha 8 Sport is for you. The Alpha 8 Sport is the top-performing regulator in its class, and one of the most affordably rental regulators you can expect.
Alpha 8 Sport Octopus
The Alpha 8 Octo Sport is the top-performing regulator in its class, and one of the most affordably ocoto regulators you can trust.
The MaxDepth gauge is still one of the most dependable instruments around for divers who are just starting out or don't feel they need the advanced features of a Personal Dive Computer just yet. But don't worry, Oceanic's modular gauge design allows you to easily swap out the depth gauge module with a PDC as your needs change and your experience grows.
BCD Oceanic Pro 1000
BUILT LIKE A TANK - BCD Oceanic Pro 1000
An economical jacket for the diver who wants to keep it simple, the Oceanpro BC features the 
same quality workmanship, comfort and fit that you expect from all of Oceanic’s gear.

Also on Sale our Oceanic Products

Oceanic GEO 2.0

On SALE - Quality, Function & Style

The Geo 2.0 includes Dual Algorithm, Deep Stop option and a redesigned user interface with "Step Back" – which allows forward and backward navigation through menus and settings. Additionally, a second Nitrox mix (both programmable to 100%) is available. With Dual Algorithm and optional conservative factor settings, the Geo 2.0 may be programmed to provide no-deco and deco profiles similar to virtually every computer on the market.
Your Price: U$ 423.00
Oceanic Biolite BCD
On SALE - Oceanic Biolite
The newest lightweight BC at just 5.5 pounds! The new Biolite BCD looks to establish itself as a complete solution with the introduction of a new color design and streamlined, integrated weight system. This is the ultimate travel BCD with a perfect balance of features and benefits that makes diving a pure joy.
Your Price U$ 429.00
Oceanic Alpha 9 Regulador, with SP-6

On SALE - Alpha 9 Regulador, with SP-6

Oceanic set out to make a "standard" regulator that was simple, dependable and economical. What we didn’t expect was that in tests it would outperform other high-end regulators. Not an easy feat for a "standard" downstream demand valve regulator. With the Alpha 9, you get effortless breathing in a compact design that is extremely tough yet easy to maintain and service.

Your Price U$ 299.00

On Sale Hollis 100% O2 Regulator 210 OXYGEN HO2
The 210/O2 HO2 Tech Regulator features a bulletproof design, certified for up to 100% oxygen service thanks to highly specialized component materials and manufacturing processes.
Your Price U$ 370.00
Oceanic ALPHA 9 OCTO
On SALE - Oceanic ALPHA 9 OCTO
Best Price / Performance ratio in its class. Not only is the Alpha 9 an economical buy for the diver on a budget, it is just as inexpensive to maintain. Standard replacement parts can cost as little as half of those in other regulators in its class.
Your Price U$ 140.00
Oceanic VEO 1.0 Combo
Oceanic VEO 1.0 Combo (Console)
The Oceanic Veo 1.0 is a solid basic computer designed for air or single gas nitrox mixes up to 50 percent. It displays only essential information during the dive in easy-to-read digits
Your Price U$ 389.00
Oceanic PIONEER - Mask
PIONEER - Oceanic Mask
With over two years in the making, this tough yet timeless mask incorporates design elements of the past with new design technology. The Pioneer features a full metal frame, exclusive easy‐to‐use strap release buckle system, and super‐view peripheral lenses with Saint Gobain Diamant ultra‐clear tempered glass.
Your Price U$ 110.00
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