SSI Mermaid Course, Acapulco - Mexico

TRY MERMAID - for beginners

Try Mermaid
Are you ready for your first mermaid experience, in this exited experience you'll learn funny skills.
  • approx 3 hours en total
  • 2 session of about 50 minutes en the pool or confined water
  • Minimum age 6
  • This experience is not only for girls, boys can also try it. men and women in adulthood.
  • does not include certification
  • introduction $1,199.00 (no certification available)


SSI Ocean Mermaid
This is a fun and very complete program for you to obtain your certification, you will learn to move in the water with comfort and confidence, using your monofin and your mermaid tail, learn about the equipment, basic apnea techniques and what is our mission as mermaids Welcome to our world, ready for fun?
  • This program has a duration of 2 days
  • Everything is done in confined water
  • Include 3 sessions in the water
  • Have the ability to swim at least 50 meters (one round-trip Olympic pool)
  • Minimum age 12 years
  • Know how to float
  • It is not necessary to have used a monofin mermaid tail before
  • This experience is not only for girls, boys can also try it. men and women in adulthood
Costs / Certificacion
  • $3,990.00 / U$ 190 (U$ 70 Manual+U$ 120 la pratice)
  • Certification by SSI valid worldwide

Ocen Mermaid

SSI Ocean Mermaid
Are you ready for your next certification and go out to play in the ocean, congratulations!
To get to this course you have to have successfully crossed the Mermaid program.

In this program you will test all the skills learned in your Mermaid program and you will acquire others so that you can use your equipment safely in open waters, if you listened well you can do it at sea and be part of this wonderful environment as always you dreamed it
  • 3 days
  • 3 sessions in confined water or pool
  • 1 day in Open Water with two sessions
  • Have successfully completed the Mermaid program
  • Minimum age for introductory course 12
  • This experience is not only for girls, boys can also try it. men and women in adulthood
Costs / Certification
  • Course $4,500 / U$ 240 (U$ 70 Manual+U$ 170 the practice)
  • Upgrade "Mermaid" to "Ocean Mermaid" $ 1,650 / U$ 80 (incl. certificacion)
  • SSI Certification valid world wide


Free Online Scuba Diver Training
It never was so simple to earn your Mermaid certification.
With digital learning, you can already start study at your convenience anytime or anywhere on your computer, smart phone or tablet. The advantaged, you safe time and can learn at your own pace. After you finished the theory make an appointment with us for your practical part.

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