Hyperbaric Chamber Acapulco

Hyperbaric chamber at the military base of Acapulco
All cases of decompression sickness should be treated initially with 100% oxygen until hyperbaric oxygen therapy (100% oxygen delivered in a high-pressure chamber) can be provided. Mild cases of the "bends" and some skin symptoms may disappear during descent from high altitude; however, it is recommended that these cases still be evaluated. Neurological symptoms, pulmonary symptoms, and mottled or marbled skin lesions should be treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy if seen within 10 to 14 days of development. 
Your next Hyperbaric Chamber is in Acapulco:
Hospital Base Naval
Military medical hospital
XVIII Zona Naval Lcacos
A un costado de Hotel Hyatt
Acapulco, Guerrero
MX, 39860
(744) 484 75 54 ext: 6111 or 6117 or 6118 
(744) 484 40 57
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