Updates on the COVID-19 situation

Hello friends of Swiss Divers Association and Mexico Lovers we hope you are doing well in the demanding time of COVID-19. We try to provide you information and updates about Covid-19 in Acapulco, so you can prepare yourself a little bit. If you need some personal information do not hesitate to contact us by email or call us.

Before you Visit us!

Before you visit us, please note, if you suffer from any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 like:
• Fever • Cough
• Tiredness or muscle pain • Respiratory problems
• Sore throats • Lung infections
• Headaches • Loss of taste
• Diarrhea  
we kindly ask that you refrain from approaching our Diving Resort. Additionally, if you have recently returned from travel or been in contact with a potentially infected individual, please contact your physician to be tested before entering our Divie Resort.

Digital Forms

Please fill out, sign and send us the Digital Liability release and Covid-19 Medic forms:

SDA - Prevention Protocol